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  1. A Detailed Study Of Ba Gua Zhang's Single Palm Change
  2. Four Pillars of Training
  3. Ba Gua Zhang Movement
  4. The Definition of Single Palm Change
  5. The Form
  6. The Movements
  7. The Principles
  8. Conclusion

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A Detailed Study Of Ba Gua Zhang's Single Palm Change

By Dan Miller
Click to play Sun Xi Kun executes the
single palm change

Every complete Ba Gua Zhang method embraces a systematic approach to practice. The practitioner who engages in the repetitive practice of fundamental skills for hundreds of hours before attempting more complex, intricate, or subtle skills, will always find that the solid foundation enables continued growth and development in the art. At the root of almost every Ba Gua system there are several key elements of training which should be thoroughly practiced and experientially understood prior to progressing to more advanced training. These components are: circle walking, some variation of the eight "mother" palms (ba mu zhang), the single palm change (dan huan zhang), and the double palm change (shuang huan zhang).

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