The Pa Kua Chang Journal is a periodical written and edited by Dan Miller over the course of several years. It contains over a thousand pages of great information about this internal martial art, sometimes called baguazhang, including:

  • Forms
  • Excercises
  • History
  • Translations
  • Techniques
  • Lineages
  • Theory
  • Philosophy

These 38 issues also include more than 50 interviews with instructors from the United States and Asia conducted primarily by Dan Miller. Click below to learn more about the kung fu of this Chinese martial art.

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Sun-Style Workshop
with Tim Cartmell

Learn techniques and principles first-hand from Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell.

Sun Lutang's style of Baguazhang is a compact and efficient method of martial training, focusing on the essentials through ten palm changes practiced while walking in a circular pattern

May 27-29 in Missouri

Five two-hour seminars, personal and small group practice, and a presentation on the biography of Sun Lu Tang and the history of Ba Gua Zhang.

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