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  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/30/2008 2:03pm | 3 Replies

    Questions That Need Answering

    Use this thread to post questions you have about baguazhang but haven't found answers to yet. I know I have a few... dozen... right now. So post the question and let's meditate here until someone more wise comes through and chooses to share. (Hey wise-guy! That's you!)

  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/30/2008 2:11pm

    8 palms, 64 palms?

    From what I have been reading, it seems like there are the following:

    8 pre-heaven palms
    Some number of "48 month" palms
    8 mother palms
    64 post-heaven palms
    8 or 12 animal forms

    Do any of these relate to each other? Are any of them each other?

  • Posted by bobbozhang on 8/07/2008 1:16am

    RE: 8 palms, 64 palms?

    There are too many forms. Every master has added or altered. Thus do not look for a list of all the Bagua forms as it will always be incomplete. Also don't be disappointed when your Masters Cheng Bagua Swimming Dragon Linking Set is different than another Masters Cheng Bagua Dragon Linking Set. They all are different from each other. But that's ok, Bagua was meant to be changed. Just remember the root of all of them is in the mother palms and that the true applications for any of them is hidden in the transitions.

  • Posted by schmuhl on 8/18/2008 3:12pm

    RE: 8 palms, 64 palms?

    I've stumbled across the following.

    <strong>Pa mu chang - eight mother palms</strong>
    <ol><li>p'iao yun chang - floating cloud palm</li>
    <li>t'o yun chang - supporting clouds palm</li>
    <li>I yun chang - shifting cloud palm</li>
    <li>fen yun chang - separating cloud palm</li>
    <li>pa kua chang - eight triagram palm (also called dragon or standing palm) </li>
    <li>tan huan chang - single palm chang</li>
    <li>hsuan yun chang - whirling cloud palm</li>
    <li>p'an yun chang - spiraling cloud palm</li></ol>

    <strong>The 48-Month Palms</strong>
    <ol><li>Dan Huan Zhang - Single Palm Strike</li>
    <li>Shuang Huan ZhangDouble Palm Strike</li>
    <li>Shui Zhang - Throwing Palm</li>
    <li>Pu Zhang - Slapping Palm</li>
    <li>Tuo Zhang - Lifting Palm</li>
    <li>Kan Zhang - Chopping Palm</li>
    <li>Bai Yun Zhui Xing Zhang - White Clouds Chasing the Stars Palm</li>
    <li>Tui Chuang Wang Yue Zhang - Sliding the Shutters to Look at the Moon Palm</li></ol>
    Source: <a href=" Power of the Palm"><i>Mythical Power of the Palm</i> by Park Bok Nam</a>