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  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/30/2008 1:47pm | 2 Replies

    Things I Learned this Week

    I am quite the student of baguazhang, not that I possess extraordinary student skills, but because there is so much to this art that I am constantly learning new things! Everyone has their own learning style and different training methods, so there should be enough and to share. Take a minute to type in your latest epiphany, insight or connection here and let's see where that gets us!

  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/30/2008 1:59pm

    RE: Things I Learned this Week

    I learned that the post-heaven forms didn't come from Dong Haichuan. I assumed that everything baguazhang came through him, but from my reading, it looks like that came through a fellow student of Dong's to the 2nd or 3rd generation.

  • Posted by schmuhl on 8/01/2008 6:40pm

    bones can gain density

    although I don't think I would have dismissed it, I would not have considered attempting to do this. I have always avoided finger strikes because I jam them so often. maybe it's time to start the finger push-ups?