Sun-Style Ba Gua Zhang Seminar with Tim Cartmell

May 25-27, 2018 in Harrisburg, Missouri

Sun Lutang was a famous martial artist of the early Twentieth Century, having mastered several styles of martial art, including Baguazhang. Sun Style Baguazhang is a compact and efficient method of martial training, focusing on the essentials of the style in a straightforward manner. The entire style is encapsulated in ten short forms, or "palm changes," practiced while walking in a circular pattern. All the maneuvers are based on the foundational forms, the "Single Palm Change" and the "Double Palm Change." As a martial art and system of self-defense, Sun Style Baguazhang focuses on flexible tactics, the avoidance of meeting force head on and the use of spiraling energy to strike, control and throw the opponent with the minimum amount of energy necessary. Since the martial art is based on the absolute maximumly efficient body use and generation of force, the basic exercises and forms emphasize correct structural alignment, balance, whole body coordination, sensitivity and as a result are an excellent method of training the body from a fitness standpoint as well.

The Friday night session will cover the eight basic exercises of the style, including hand and body techniques as well as the two primary footwork patterns and the basics of the circle walking method. The Saturday sessions will cover the Single Palm Change, the Double Palm Change, paired exercises on the circle and the basics of Baguazhang fighting strategy. The Sunday session will cover several "formulas" of technical application, linked series of paired maneuvers that provide the most efficient means of understanding and internalizing the unique strategies, tactics and techniques of Baguazhang.

The schedule for Tim's seminar sessions will consist of five 2-hour classes as follows:

  • Friday Evening: 7 to 9:00
  • Saturday Morning: 9:00 to 11:00
  • Saturday Afternoon: 2:00 to 4:00
  • Saturday Evening Class: 6:00 to 8:00
  • Sunday Morning: 10:00 to 12:00

Anytime class is not scheduled, individual practice is encouraged. We have plenty of beautiful practice spots around the farm. Also, both Tim and Dan will be available to answer questions. After the Saturday evening session, Dan will give a presentation on the biography of Sun Lu Tang and the history of Ba Gua Zhang. Additionally, for those who are interested, Dan will lead early morning Ba Gua Qi Gong sessions on both Saturday and Sunday mornings before breakfast.

Food: On Friday evening snack food will be provided. Other meals that will be provided include Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Sunday breakfast. We have our own cook on site, so we can accommodate any special dietary concerns that you might have.

Lodging: We have a limited number of beds on site at this time, but we are in the process of building more bedrooms. Currently we have three bedrooms on site, each with two single beds. Each bedroom has its own full bathroom. Our neighboring farm (5 minute walk, 2 minute drive) also has a nice private one person room that they have made available to us. We also have 3 bedrooms available at our home in Columbia, which is a 25 minute drive from the farm. Two of these bedrooms are private, the third room is a tiny house in our backyard, which has 2 beds. There is also a motel 10 miles from the farm, and a lot of hotels and motels to chose from 20 miles from the farm (in Columbia, MO). Some people have also asked about camping. There are very nice camping spots on site for tents or campers. Tent camping is $5 per night with use of bathroom and shower in the house. If you have a camper trailer, pop-up, or RV, we can provide water and 15 amp electric service. We also have a place were you can dump your black and grey water sewage prior to leaving. RV camping with these hook ups will be $10 per night.

Cost: The cost of the whole weekend, which would include food (5 meals), lodging at the farm or at our home (2 nights), and attendance at all five workshops is $320. If you tent camp or RV camp, that price will be adjusted accordingly ($270 for tent campers, $280 for RV campers). If you have a place to stay, do not need all of the meals, or are only interested in specific workshops we also offer “a la carte” selections as follows:

  • Individual Workshops: $50
  • All Five Workshops (no meals or lodging): $225
  • Lodging: $30 per night for a bedroom (if you want to stay any extra nights before or after the workshop), $10 for RV, $5 for camping.
  • Food: $10 per meal

We expect to keep the class size to around 10 to 15 people, so that plenty of individual attention can be given to each person.

If you are interested in signing up for any of the workshops, please contact Dan Miller at 573-823-5582 or