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  • Posted by Taoist on 6/29/2009 10:17pm | 1 Reply

    Schmuhl-read this

    I saw your post about how you hurt your elbow. That small injury is very common, and it bothered me for quite a long time. Quite a bit of time has passed since you posted but I figure I have an obligation to tell people how to avoid it. First off:

    1. Before doing any type of palm strike, it should be practiced a few hundred times if not more daily for quite along time before any power added. For the Dou Zhang, there are a few things that need to be done to prevent that injury. Keep your shoulders down, if they are up power will stagnate and it could cause injury. The whole upper back needs to be relaxed. Also, make sure the elbows are facing directly backwards to maximize power.

    2. Make sure you have an instructor to monitor your progress! I cannot stress this enough. Every time I go to class always a new correction is being made. If you feel as though you are good enough to move onto a new exercise, you could be wrong. It's important for someone with experience to help guide you. All of Master Park's exercise might seem simple, but there is actually a lot going on. Any type of palm strike requires WHOLE BODY CO-ORDINATION, and if there's something missing, it's easy to have improper form. You won't advance very far in Ba Gua without a sifu. Keep in mind, Master Park's teacher made Park practice an hour one simple movement everyday for 6 months if not more before new material was taught, patience is so key in Ba Gua, do not add power until you are POSITIVE your body is conditioned to handle whipping power.

    I hope that helps, I had a few injuries myself and I don't want anyone going through it , so please, find a knowledgeable teacher or go to Park's seminar and have him tell you what you need to work on. A teacher is fundamental in making any process in the intricate art of Pa Kua Chang.

  • Posted by Taoist on 6/29/2009 10:21pm

    RE: Schmuhl-read this

    Since I cannot edit the previous topic, I failed to mention that when beginning any palm strike, it should be practiced daily hundreds of time for a long period of time in a very SLOW and EXACT manner. Almost as though it is a Qi Kung or Tai Chi movement, before one add any power.