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  • Posted by schmuhl on 3/29/2008 9:39pm | 3 Replies

    The Circle Walk Practice of Ba Gua Zhang

    In Ba Gua Zhang, mobility is primary.
    Store then release, evade then return,
    False and true change inside the steps.
    Move like the wind . . .

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  • Posted by Chris-H on 5/11/2008 9:54am

    RE: The Circle Walk Practice of Ba Gua Zhang

    This 'song' provides an insight to critical principles of Ba Gua Zhang.
    Mobility and the ability to stay connected while changing are some of the attributes that make Ba Gua function with the efficiency that it does.

    Good stuff!

    Chris Haynes

  • Posted by Walk the Torque on 5/12/2008 6:47pm

    RE: RE: The Circle Walk Practice of Ba Gua Zhang

    Tis true what you say Chris, but I have seen alot of clips in recent times of applications done in a toe to toe, machine gun type manner, that does not look like the stuff I have learnt in the past. Maybe I have been under exposed to decent Bagua, but there doesn't seem to be the continuous stepping that this art is supposedly famous for in these clips. I thought that was a key feature of the circle walking training; to be able to strike, throw grapple while changing the angles on your opponant.

  • Posted by bobbozhang on 5/25/2008 12:03pm

    RE: RE: RE: The Circle Walk Practice of Ba Gua Zhang

    That's true, but I think the degree varies depending on what end of the BGZ spectrum you hail from with Yin Fu on one side and Cheng on the other. All the others seem to lie somewhere in between. Yin Fu proponents seem to love there Piercing Palm above all else while Cheng stylists prefer a good toss and to get further behind there adversary.