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  • Posted by Chris-H on 7/11/2008 3:56pm | 5 Replies

    Sparing Equipment


    I am posting this here on behalf of my teachers, my school and on behalf of any other martial arts group out there that is being robbed by this company.

    "There are a number of companies manufacturing martial arts equipment in Pakistan. In the fall of last year I placed an order with Tango Sports ( for several dozen OEM gloves and shin guards. I had numerous conversations with Wazeer Mughal and his brother that own and manage the company. I have 15 emails with the company about logo placement, cloth patch design and cost. The entire purchase was paid for and the company kept stalling on delivery. After three more months of emails (and phone calls) with NO RESPONSE from Tango Sports, it was clear that the order was not going to ship. I created an alias email identity and the company responded right away. Over three weeks I pretended to be another interested buyer and the company was fully engaged, promising a great product. I then revealed that I had heard about Tango Sports not fulfilling an order with another martial arts school and started corresponding with the company about my original order. They gave me a story about reorganization and that my original paperwork had been lost but that they had the equipment. I would only need to send another $300 to get the equipment. I reluctantly sent the money and never got another response to my emails and received NO EQUIPMENT.
    The order was supposed to arrive last September and I am still waiting. This company has stolen over $1,000.00 of my money, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM; these guys are liars and thieves.
    I have all the documentation to back up my allegation and will be happy to show anyone who asks."

    Please feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with my teachers. We have been waiting for this equipment for quite some time. Money has been exchanged and nothing has been received in return. All attempts to contact the business have gone unanswered, unless it for new business.
    Please be careful and find somewhere else to purchase your equipment if you are doing business with this company. Please email me about your interaction with this company if you have had any.

    Thank you kindly for your time,

    Chris Haynes
    Gao Style Bagua Training Center
    Boulder, CO

  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/14/2008 11:36pm

    RE: Sparing Equipment

    Wow! That really stinks! Do you know of other reputable vendors that people should use? I'm looking to get a new bag soon, but I'll be sure to visit the place before I buy.

  • Posted by Chris-H on 7/15/2008 7:45am

    RE: RE: Sparing Equipment

    We have been getting a lot of our gear from this place.
    They have some nice equipment there.
    As far as bags go, it seem that it'd be better to just buy those from a sporting goods shop. Besides, the shipping cost for something like that could get pretty expensive

    Kind regards,

  • Posted by schmuhl on 7/22/2008 1:30pm

    RE: Sparing Equipment

    I ended up getting a 100lb bag from a local Sports Authority. I feel like I got a decent deal for $80. It's good to be able to test the stuff in the store, other stuff looked interesting too, but I don't know exactly what I would do with it all.

  • Posted by KTS on 11/03/2008 7:19pm

    RE: Sparing Equipment

    good looking my gao styled bro. thanks for the heads up.

    i am actually looking for best chest protectors right now. the old double clothed chest protectors do not seem to be available anymore, at least in america.

    i will ask friends in taiwan if they can find something similar at least as they are my fave to spar with.

    all i seem to find around my area are the tae kwon do styled protectors and the umpire styled ones. they are just a bit too padded for my taste - i like to feel a hit more than have it bounce off of or dissipate into a heavily padded protector.

    so, if anyone can help, i will appreciate it much.



  • Posted by triumph on 3/24/2009 4:28pm

    Sparing Equipment

    kwon usa is a great company to order from, and very very reliable.

    Stay away from Tiger Claw, as tc is a company that manufactures everything very horribly and will take your money even if an item is on back order for 4 months.